Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!

I wonder if it would be possible to start 2011 over again?! So far this year has been rough for me, I want a fresh new start! My year started out with a broken phone, which I loved dearly. Luckily we could up grade our phones since they were two years old, our contract was up in November. I ended up getting the Droid HTC, not sure how to use it yet but I guess I'm stuck with it! It ended up being cheaper for me to get the more expensive phone than the cheaper phone by the time we added all the discounts up. (If that makes sense, trust me I was confused!) And I get unlimited Internet access on my phone now for only $5 extra a month! Last time I got a phone it took me forever to decide which one I wanted, lets face it I don't do well with change. Unfortunately this time had to just pick one out without doing research on online and reading reviews! Oh how I will miss my old phone!!!!
Next bad thing on the list, poor Lillian has croup! This morning she woke up at her usual feeding time around 1:30am coughing and wheezing and seemed to have difficulty breathing. When I had gotten her out of her bed and she seemed miserable and the sound she was making was scary! Chad said to take her to the emergency room just to get her checked out, and to ease my mind. I took her in and as soon as we got there she seemed a little better.

Then Dr. McDreamy (no that wasn't his real name!) came in and oh my Lillian was all eyes on him, smiling and talking to him, until she started coughing again! He was checking her out and then writing things down and said "you know what, it sounds like she has croup"! Thankfully they didn't think I was a hypochondriac for bring her in at 2:00 in the morning! He said it's better to be safe than sorry no matter the case, and if it eases my mind than that's all that matters.

Actually, my sweet little nephew who shares a birthday with Lillian had it before Christmas and I remember how he sounded and that was the same way Lillian sounded! So Dr. McDreamy gave her a steroid and me information on how to treat it. Thankfully it was just a mild case and she should be better by the end of the week! Let's hope so because oh my, croup is not fun and I dislike to see my baby girl suffer!

Also, to add to this Lindsey has a black eye from running into the edge of the counter! I think she tripped over Chad's foot or my dad's foot as they were standing in the kitchen talking and she was passing through! Ouch, my poor girl!

So I have decided that as of today I am starting the year over again! Here is to a wonderful New Year!!!! Blessings, Lisa

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