Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mini Cheerleader!

Over the course of the past few days Lindsey has had cheerleading practice for her mini cheer camp performance she did Saturday night! She loved it, cheerleading and dancing are two of her favorite things, along with gymnastics. It was quite entertaining to watch, Lillian and I went in early Thursday evening to watch at practice! Let me point out that watching kindergartners dance is beyond the cutest thing! I am amazed at how fast those little girls picked up on the cheers and dance routine, it would have taken me a month to learn all that!

Lindsey loves being in front of a crowd and never seems to get nervous, she doesn't get that from me. I believe the total number of girls was around 64 K-5th graders! The coach said this was her biggest turn out! Chad and the boys stayed home during the performance, so Lindsey showed them her routine at home instead. She had to do it without the music because Justin Beiber wouldn't come over to perform!

So when it was Lindsey's turn to perform like the mamarazzi I am I hurried down to the front row to do my job! Here are some of the pictures I took from Saturday!!!!
She loved watching the older girls!!!!
Here is a group shot of all the future cheerleaders!
Lindsey had a blast at cheer camp and I am so glad she enjoyed herself! I am sure she will do it again the next time they offer it!!!! Blessings, Lisa

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