Tuesday, December 7, 2010

2 Months Old!

Lillian you are 2 months old today! Last week you had your two month check up and weighed 12 pounds even and 23" long! Goodness gracious you are growing like a lily flower! You have really started to show your playful side, you are smiling so much more and cooing and ahhing! It was either 5 or 6 weeks that you started to smile real loving smiles for us. Your brothers and sister love playing with you as you are growing more interested in watching them. You are sleeping around four hours at a time at night and still won't really sleep in your crib! Some of your favorite songs that we sing are: Skidamarink, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Frere Jacques, Itsy Bitsy Spider, and Splish Splash Lillian's Taking a Bath which we do in the bath as I splash your hands in the water and you just smile and deal with it! Your father asked one day" does she really like it when you do that?", and I said "of course she does, she's smiling"! He thinks were pretty silly some days! Here are your two month old pictures I took of you today in your cute Christmas outfit! We did nice pictures:
and Naughty pictures!
Oh your still cute even if you were being naughty during our photo shoot! You got see Santa for the first time today too! Grandpa had his Christmas work party for all the workers children and/or grandchildren. Of course grandpa has only worked at same place for over 30 years! Daddy putting you on Santa's lap, you were just like a big girl!
Tomorrow you have to go and get your two month shoots! Ouch, I am not looking forward to that! I'm sure you wouldn't either if you knew what they were! We love you Little Lillie!!!! Blessings Lisa

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