Friday, December 31, 2010

A Year in Review video!

I decided to wrap up 2010 with a picture video instead of loading up the blog with pictures! This was the first photo video I have made and I am somewhat upset that my pictures look distorted in the video!

2010 was a year of unexpected surprises or blessings! With finding out in early February we were expecting a sweet baby, then on a whim buying a fixer upper house, spending time at the beach, Jacob finished wearing his pressure garments, booming business for Little Green Swing clothing, going to the zoo, the kids switching schools, my what a busy year this was! It was a busy year and sure to be memorable for us. Our New Years Eve celebration consists of playing the wii till midnight then three little ones will go to bed, if not before! (Then Lillian will most likely be waking up then, so she can party!) Last year we had people over for some sparking grape juice, since we are a nonalcoholic family, but this year it's just us! I am still working on New Year's resolution/goals for 2011 along with a theme for the new year. This year one of my resolutions or goals was to lose weight, but instead I ended up gaining weight! He! He! In 2011 I would like to loss about 10 pounds, not sure if I can or should do this quite yet since I am still nursing Lillian but through out the year I would like to get back to pre Lillian weight! We were lucking enough to be able to scratch off a few of our goals this year and hope to do the same next year around this time!!!! Wishing you a blessed and wonderful New Year! Blessings, Lisa

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