Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Shopping!

It's done, my Christmas shopping that is! Today I had finished up with all of my shopping, insert sigh of relive! My motto this year for Christmas shopping seemed to be this:
This year has been quite difficult finding presents for the kids. It seems to get harder the older they get! Really what do I get children that seem to have everything they could imagine! Thankfully, I think they realize that they are very fortunate in what they do have. (with a slight reminder) When I asked them what they wanted they would tell me the same thing over "I don't know?". Really, thanks that helps a lot kids! I had a goal of getting them each 3 things, being symbolic to the three gifts that Jesus was given. This made things easy for me and they won't have toy overload on Christmas morning! OK, now on to a fun shopping story: Last Friday I needed to do some grocery shopping so I loaded up Jacob and Lillian while the others were at school and headed out. We get to the store and Lillian was sound asleep, no need to rush, so I thought I would take Jacob to the toys to see what sparked his interest. That is one area that we never go to in the store. He understood that we were NOT buying any toys and he pointed out what he liked and what the others would like. So we left the toy department and head over to get our groceries. Right before we were about to check out I needed to pick up some Christmas cards. I got my cards and over to the check out we go and then it hits him like a snowball! "I want that card" crying, actually laying on the floor crying! OH MY GOSH! "What are you doing!" I ask him "I want that snowman card!" Of course I had forgotten to get something so we went back and guess who got a $4.99 Frosty the Snowman card that sings! After looking at everything in the store he wants a Christmas card! Really!? I would have whined over the cheap toy in the check out lane or better yet something really expensive in the toy isle! The whole way home all I heard was "Frosty the" "Frosty the snow" "Frosty" "Frosty" "Frosty the snowman", you get the picture! Of course he still loves to play with that card! Guess who's getting coal in their stocking for Christmas! Ha! Ha! Lisa

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Stacey Merriman said...

Lisa, Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comments! You have a beautiful family! i look forward to checking out your blog when I can make it though Christmas!

God Bless and Merry Christmas!